Quiz: How organized are you?

By Sharon Hodge

1. I keep track of my schedule by:

    a. Relying on my memory (and my parents and friends).
    b. Keeping a to-do list that I look at sometimes.

    c. Using a calendar and an assignment book.    

2. My friend calls the night before the first day of school to see what I’m wearing the next day:
    a. I say that I’ll figure it out tomorrow.
    b. I look through the closet and see what my friend thinks about some of my outfit choices.

    c. I have my outfit already picked out so I don’t waste time in the morning.

3. I organize my email:
    a. Never. Why bother with folders?
    b. At least once a month.

    c. At least once a week.

4. Normally, my locker is filled with:
    a. I have no idea, but there’s probably a book in there.
    b. Lots of stuff. It looks messy, but I can find anything in an instant.

    c. The things I need, like notebooks, pens and a sweater.

5. I get my homework done:
    a. The class period before it’s due.
    b. Usually before it’s due.

    c. After school, on the same day it’s assigned.

6. Do I ever cancel plans because I forgot about other plans that I made?
    a. Yes, my friends say I do it all the time.
    b. Sometimes, like when my mom or cell phone don’t remind me.

    c. Never, I always use a planner.

7. The place where I study and do homework is:
    a. Anywhere I can sit.
    b. At my friend’s house.

    c. A quiet spot in my house or at the library.

8. It’s only the beginning of August. My plan for getting school supplies is:
    a. See what I need to get after the first day of school.
    b. Reuse my stuff from last year. Backpacks and binders don’t go bad.

    c. School-supply shopping spree! I need new pens, paper and folders now.

9. I use the following to carry my books and schoolwork:
a. My arms—that’s what they’re for.
b. A bag that’s kind of small, but it looks cool.

c. A backpack with all the essential pockets.

10. During the last week of summer, I get an email reminder about the summer reading assignment, so I:
    a. Cram as much reading as I can before school starts.
    b. Feel good that I already kind of started reading. I’ll be caught up before I get any assignments about the book.

    c. Don’t sweat it. I already finished the books and made notes

If you answered mostly A’s, you have an untroubled spirit:

You live carefree and in the moment, which is fun—but also sometimes stressful. Having better time-management skills and making better choices can help you get rid of that unneeded anxiety, especially if you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time to do it, or bad things always seem to happen to you. Start getting organized by setting up a routine and getting in the habit of writing down your responsibilities.

If you answered mostly B’s, you’ve found balance.

You pretty much have it together. You’re organized when it counts and know how to take time out for yourself, but are sometimes scatterbrained. When your brain is overloaded with to-dos, ease the stress of trying to remember everything by using a magnetic calendar or dry-erase board in your locker and bedroom.

If you answered mostly C’s, you’re in control.

You’re the king or queen of organization! You’re so good that you even help your friends keep up with school and other activities. While being a master planner (and even a perfectionist) may come naturally to you, don’t let it go too far because you’ll quickly burn out. Plan breaks in your day to do what you enjoy and find fulfilling.

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Sharon Hodge

Sharon Hodge

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