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Things I’m hoping to get out of the year ahead and goals I’m setting for myself: To simply be proud of myself at the end of the year is my most honest goal. After that come the simpler goals: to get at least a 3.8 GPA this year, to take classes that I enjoy and do well in them, to only get fours and fives on my AP tests, bring up my ACT test score from a 30 to at least a 32 -- it all blends into a bunch of numbers.

I plan to achieve 4s and 5s by committing myself to studying for the APs early and taking advantage of all of the study books I can. I have this habit of putting post-its on all of the sections of my study books and it really helps me remember everything I need to study! I’m also a devoted night-before crammer, because I feel like I’ve forgotten everything if I don’t read everything the night before and the morning of the test.

Legacy includes volunteer work
I want to get into my top colleges and choose the one that feels right for me, the one that will be the best environment for me to grow in and figure out what I want to do as an adult.

This is my last year of high school! It’s important to me that I leave my own legacy at school, good things to be remembered by. I’m involved with two organizations close to my heart. 

I’ve been involved with Great Plains SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), since eighth grade. I adopted my first cat when I was very little and I’ve been volunteering with them since I was old enough to go with my mom and walk dogs at the center. Now they’ve expanded, and it’s a real pleasure to be involved with such a great organization that helps so many animals. I’m going to be president of a volunteer club for them at my school and run charity drives for them.

I also work with Operation Breakthrough, an organization that offers child care and after-school homework help to kids in need from kindergarten through middle school. It’s a fantastic environment, and I got involved with them my junior year. I’m now secretary of their volunteer club at my school and helping run the city-wide charity drive in Kansas City for them and Harvesters. It’s an amazing experience to help these kids and be involved with such an inspirational organization.

School has been fantastic, so leaving will be hard
All in all, this year is my last year to make my time at this school memorable and to do things I’ll look back on and be proud of! Looking at this new school year is incredibly bittersweet for me, seeing as it’s my last one. My experience at Barstow has been fantastic, and leaving this school is like leaving my second home.

I will consider my senior year a success, and a year I’d be happy to give back to the school that made me who I am, if I fulfill my goals for my scholastics just as much as I fulfill my goals as a person. I want to be involved with everything I can at school this year, just getting as many memories as I can out of the experience. I owe it to this school and the people in it to truly give this year everything I have in me.

I will go to college proud of this year and ready to take on the world after I do that, though it will be so hard to leave.

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Drew Bierwirth

Drew Bierwirth

The Barstow School, Kansas City, Mo.
Hometown: Overland Park, Kan.

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