Career Interest - Computer Science & IT

  • Cyber-heroes

    You can be one of the ‘good guys’ working in a cyber-security career

  • Gain Altitude with Training in the Drone Industry

    How would you like to operate an airplane without leaving the ground? Get a job in the emerging field of unmanned aircraft and you could.

  • Emerging Programs of Study

    Profiles programs you may have never heard of but that could be big in the years to come.

  • Finding Your Passions

    What if you were so passionate about your job that it didn’t feel like work?

  • Lesson Plan Guide: Emerging Programs of Study

    Lesson Plan Guide: Emerging Programs of Study

  • Looking Forward to Great Grades and Good Times

    There are plenty of things I’m hoping to get out of this school year. I’m excited about senior year! When I looked at all the past seniors they looked like they’ve had so much fun and I want to experience all of that, too. That mini feeling of being the “Top of the School.” I’m scared because I know it’s my final year and I want to do extremely well but also enjoy myself. I want to accomplish having great grades in my regular classes and in the college classes I’m taking.

  • What’s the big deal about STEM?

    Those who study science, technology, engineering and mathematics are in high demand.

  • A Blueprint for Technology

    Todays construction jobs utilize the latest technology.

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