Communication Skills

  • Consider advice and make strong connections

    As a junior signing up for next year’s classes, I have a lot of questions I wish people would just answer straight out instead of giving me the whole “It’s your life and they’re your choices” spiel I’ve gotten from just about every counselor, teacher, and friend that I’ve asked for advice.

  • Get to know your counselor – NOW

    Highlights the important benefits of students developing a relationship with their school counselors.

  • Dealing With Cyberbullies

    Addresses the growth in online bullying and actions victims can take to stop it

  • Don’t let peers make your decisions for you

    As I start the transition for my senior year, I am overwhelmed with excitement and fright.

  • Getting involved in extracurriculars

    If you can’t find the right one for you, consider developing your own.

  • Healthy in Love

    About 80 percent of teens date before the age of 18. But how many have the skills and wisdom to do it well?

  • High School vs. College

    The differences between high school and college are huge. For every benefit, though, you can expect a trade-off.

  • Hoping for Personal and Physical Growth

    I have a long list of hopes and wishes for the year ahead but I will share only a select few. First and foremost, I anticipate reading more books. I plan to read more since I am determined to go to college for English and Communication Arts. Secondly, I hope to grow taller. I am an inch from being 5 feet tall. Thirdly, I hope to befriend more people in my senior year.

  • How do I talk to my parents about our money situation for college?

    Talking about money is really hard, especially with your parents, but families need to be on the same page with what they can afford.

  • Identity Theft

    Students are huge targets for identity theft, so protect yourself.

  • Lesson Plan Guide: Advice from the Real Story

    Lesson Plan Guide: Advice from the Real Story

  • Lesson Plan Guide:Dealing with Cyberbullies

    Lesson Plan Guide:Dealing with Cyberbullies

  • Lesson Plan Guide: Nonverbal communication - the loudest voice of all

    Lesson Plan Guide: Nonverbal communication - the loudest voice of all

  • Lesson Plan Guide: Pressures and parents

    Lesson Plan Guide: Pressures and parents

  • Looking Forward to Great Grades and Good Times

    There are plenty of things I’m hoping to get out of this school year. I’m excited about senior year! When I looked at all the past seniors they looked like they’ve had so much fun and I want to experience all of that, too. That mini feeling of being the “Top of the School.” I’m scared because I know it’s my final year and I want to do extremely well but also enjoy myself. I want to accomplish having great grades in my regular classes and in the college classes I’m taking.

  • Making plans for military, college options

    I believe that in life I fit in a relatively eccentric category.

  • Making Yourself Look Good

    Two key words: employers refer to them as soft skills. Take note of these important tips to give yourself a good shot at landing a dream job.

  • Mending Broken Relationships

    Effective communication helps restore missing links in growing chain of friendships.

  • Military Linguist Careers

    Put the skills you’re learning in your foreign language class to important use in the U.S. military.

  • Pressures and Parents

    As if today’s teens don’t face enough pressure, some of them face an even tougher challenge – their parents.

  • Rising junior has anxieties, but high hopes, too

    Although for many people school is a dreadful occasion, I always seem to be more excited as the years pass.

  • The Art of Respectful Disagreement

    Disagreeing—it happens all the time. People like to be right, and they want others to think they’re right. But when someone else doesn’t think you are correct (or the other way around), it’s OK. However, when people forget that it’s alright to disagree and don’t respond appropriately, problems occur.

  • The Loudest Voice of all – Nonverbal Communication

    Nonverbal communication makes up a significant share of how we understand one another and make ourselves understood.

  • The Power of Words

    Degrading comments cut deeply, but so can a bystander’s silence. If you want to help, not hurt, speak up against teasing and bullying.

  • The Truth about Cutting

    "I just feel so out of control sometimes. There is so much pain, and I just need a release.” These are the words of Jason (name changed to protect identity ), a 16-year-old sophomore from a rural town outside of Boise, Idaho. Hiding his arms in the sleeves of a large zippered hoodie, Jason is a cutter. “I’m not trying to kill myself or get attention. I hide my arms so no one sees (the cuts). I don’t think my parents know I do this, but one of my friends does. I’m embarrassed that I do this, but I don’t know how else to feel better.”

  • Your future belongs to you

    Looking back on my experience with the college admissions and future planning process, the phrase “hindsight is 20/20” comes to mind.

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