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  • Balance Fun with Future Focus

    Every year I always make a checklist for myself, focusing on what I want to accomplish academically, socially, and athletically that year. I believe it has helped me to focus on what is important and what things take priority in my life. Sadly, I have realized in recent weeks that my academics took precedence over a lot of other options in high school. Therefore, my advice to high school students regardless of their grade is to find a balance between fun and seriousness in their lives in order to get the most enjoyment and the best education out of their high school years.

  • Employing a more responsible, positive and persistent approach to life

    Time flew by way too fast during my first two years of high school, and this year I am a junior.

  • Finding the grand balance of life duties

    This year I am a junior at Birdville High School.

  • Goals, activities make for challenging year ahead

    I am starting to realize how important this school year will be for me.

  • This year: hard work for school, good causes

    Things I’m hoping to get out of the year ahead and goals I’m setting for myself: To simply be proud of myself at the end of the year is my most honest goal.

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