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  • Signet Classics Scholarship

    Why is boasting important in “Beowulf”? If you can write a winning essay answering that or one of five other questions about the work, go for it!

    How much? $1,000

    Who is eligible?

    High school juniors and seniors

    When is it due?

    April each year

    Find out more! http://bit.ly/1g7PwVz

  • American Muscle Scholarships

    No, it’s not about biceps! This award is for students with
“exceptional drive and automotive ambitions

    How much? $2,000

    Who is eligible?

    High school and college students who will be or are pursuing an automotive major at a post-secondary institution.

    When is it due?

    October and June 15 each year

    Find out more! http://bit.ly/1a80lWf

  • Beauty School Scholarship

    A simple online application could yield this scholarship designed “to help cosmetology school students live their dreams!” It is offered by Beauty Schools Marketing Group.

    How much? $2,500

    Who is eligible?

    Legal U.S. residents 18 or older planning to enroll in a previously unattended U.S. institution.

    When is it due?

    January each year

    Find out more! http://bit.ly/18ZxMXe

  • College JumpStart Scholarship

    For this "award for motivated students," express your
goals for your higher education in 250 words or less.

    How much? $1,500

    Who is eligible?

    10th through 12th graders and college students.

    When is it due?

    April each year

    Find out more! http://bit.ly/1hjxOU3

  • Amateur radio scholarships

    If you’re a licensed ham, this is for you. The ARRL Foundation offers many scholarships to "eligible young radio amateurs pursuing higher education."

    How much? More than 80 scholarships, from $500 to $5,000, will be awarded; also one scholarship that can be $10,000 or more.

    Who is eligible?

    All applicants must be active, licensed hams. Scholarships have varying criteria.

    When is it due?

    January each year

    Find out more! http://bit.ly/178uf9o

  • Fungus Scholarship

    What’s this? The Mycological Society of America offers several graduate fellowships for students who are studying mycology (spores, mold and fungus)

    How much? $500 to $2,000

    Who is eligible?

    Graduate and undergraduate students who are members of the Mycological Society of America

    When is it due?

    February 15th each year

    Fun Info

    Mycology derives from mykes, the Greek word for "fungus" (itself a Latin word meaning "mushroom”)

    Find out more! https://msafungi.org/AWARDS.aspx

  • Bowling Scholarship

    Thought football and basketball were the only sports where you could gain a scholarship? The United States Bowling Congress (USBC) awards more than $6 million dollars of scholarships each season.

    How much? Varies with each scholarship, but some are in the thousands of dollars.

    Who is eligible?

    Students who participate in United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

    When is it due?

    Varies by scholarship – The USBC website publishes information about the many national bowing scholarship programs.

    Find out more! http://bit.ly/X7e7QN

  • Natural Redhead Scholarship

    A scholarship for redheads had long been an urban legend until a natural redhead got fed up with the false promise and decided to actually start one.

    How much? $250

    Who is eligible?

    Natural redheads who reside in the United States, are a junior or senior in high school, have a GPA above 2.5, and are applying to an accredited two- or four-year college.

    When is it due?

    May 1st each year

    Find out more! http://scholarshipred.com/apply/

  • Diabetes Scholars Foundation

    Are you successfully managing the challenges of living with diabetes? These scholarship recognize students who are involved in the diabetes community, have high academic performance and participate in community and/or extra-curricular activities.

    How much? 39 awards at $5,000, 1 at $4,000, 6 at $1,000

    Who is eligible?

    U.S. citizen or permanent resident high school seniors with Type 1 diabetes seeking higher education at an accredited four-year university, college, technical or trade school.

    When is it due?

    April 15th each year

    Find out more! http://diabetesscholars.org/college-scholarship/

  • Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship

    The Gallery Collection seeks your photo, artwork or computer graphic for use on the front of a greeting card. Work submitted must be your own creation.

    How much?

    One scholarship prize of $10,000 and one $1,000 prize awarded to the winner’s school; an additional $1,000 prize will be awarded to one member of the Armed Forces selected from among all eligible entries.

    Who is eligible?

    Legal resident high school and college students, as well as members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

    When is it due?

    February each year

    Find out more! http://www.gallerycollection.com/greeting-cards-scholarship.htm

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