Khan Academy to Boost Math Competency

Register for Khan Academy and work for the next year to complete the World of Math Mission.

The first task is to complete the pre-test of math abilities. The website uses adaptive assessments based on previous answers to adjust the difficulty of the questions that best fit students level of learning. Use the helpful hints and video tutorials to learn how to answer the mathematical questions with proficiency.

The World of Math Mission will test and teach the math needed for college. This mission may take a year to complete, but everyday work for a few minutes allows students to slowly step forward toward college-ready competency. Khan Academy is also an excellent resource to help with math homework.

Even though students have been accepted to college, more than half must take a remedial math course before earning college credit. Khan Academy offers a way to become competent in math before taking a college placement exam, and this way students skip unnecessary, non-credit granting, college courses. Math is an ability that needs to be used every day, and Khan Academy is an excellent way to become fluent in mathematical procedures necessary in life after high school.

Being able to answer questions posed by the math teacher, math book, and Khan Academy are one kind of skill. Another kind of skill of self-directed learning is for students to generate lists of plans to learn new mathematical and technical concepts. Learning journals grant students control over learning and the ability to apply math throughout everyday life. Every week, log into this MyStudentPath activity and write one new math concept learned and one planned to learn.