5 Passions More Likely To Come With A Paycheck

By Emily Ness

1) Senior health care

As retired baby boomers become a large part of our population, this aging generation will put a huge demand on health care workers and senior citizen caretakers. This means the need for registered nurses, physician assistants, physical
therapists, and geriatric health specialists is growing and will continue to do so over the next 10 years.

2) Computer Science

From programmers to Web designers to IT specialists, every business needs a “computer geek” who can support and develop a company’s technology needs.

3) Environmental work

Green is the new black—when it comes to energy, at least. So instead of relying on that oh-so-’80s oil to fuel our cars and homes, people are turning to wind turbines, solar panels, hybrid cars, and organic food.

That means we need scientists, researchers, and engineers to meet these demands and reduce pollution in homes and

4) Energy development

The pressure to fund and develop alternative and renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy is as high as ever. Scientific
and environmental researchers are needed, as well as engineers and economists to develop new ways to run our world.

5) Biotechnology

Jobs in this field are growing as fast as technology, and employees report high job satisfaction and relatively low stress. A biomedical technician is in charge of maintenance and repair of machines such as heart monitors and ventilators.

Another example of a biotechnologist, genetic counselors, analyze genetic predisposition to diseases or conditions, helping patients decide if they should have preventative mastectomies, for example, if they’re at high risk for breast cancer, or whether a couple who has genetic predispositions for risky diseases should try to get pregnant.


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