Positive Attitudes Create Positive Experiences

By Macaela Bennett

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It is no secret. Most students do not thoroughly enjoy attending school and revel in the excitement of snow days and summer breaks. I am not attempting to convince you that school is as fun as going to Six Flags in July, but as a soon-to-be high school graduate, I am going to share some wisdom that made my high school experience more enjoyable.

Expect Happiness

I learned one of the most important life lessons the summer before my sophomore year. I was a counselor at a summer camp and it was “Fight Night.” This was the most intense game night with a rope ring, battle music and warrior paint. I had a massive headache, I was exhausted from carrying lumber for two hours and I had the worst attitude. I remember walking down the hill that led from my cabin to the fight ring to meet my campers and thinking to myself, “Just act excited and it will all be fine.” As I walked closer, there was mud flying out of the ring, rotten eggs being thrown and battle cries from the boys’ cabins. Within five minutes, I found myself having one of the most fun experiences of my life.

Attitude is Everything

Reflecting on that night, I realized that my attitude was the determining factor in whether or not I had fun. When I was convinced that I was going to be miserable, I was. But when I told myself to set aside my problems and put on a happy face, I had an incredible time.

While school is not the best comparison to “Fight Night,” I know that my attitude largely determined my high school experience.

Enjoy High School

Find the funny and favorable aspects of every high school experience. It is astounding how your attitude completely determines your day. Try going to soccer practice without dreading the sprints at the end and just being excited to become a better player; I guarantee you will enjoy it more.

Life is made of many stages. Every one of them will have enjoyable and also miserable moments, but all you can do is see how every experience and person can impact and transform you into a better person.

Learn from Mistakes

Another important aspect of attitude is how I allowed tough circumstances to affect me. High school can be extremely fun, but it can also quickly take a turn for the worse. The reality is that everyone endures at least one terrible high school experience. It is inevitable when you have hormonal teenagers crammed together into one building for long periods of time.

Don’t allow the bad experiences to dictate your high school career.

“Hindsight is 20/20.” Looking back on all of the “bad” things I have endured over the past four years, I can now see how each one played a part in transforming me into who I am today. My difficult experiences have made me a determined, motivated and optimistic person. These are qualities that have given me more job, college and scholarship opportunities than I could have ever imagined. I am thankful for every obstacle God has thrown my way because I became a better person as a result.

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