Don’t be afraid: Just do your best

By junior year, I have realized my time here is dwindling away. High school is a place where people can either crumble or prosper, leading some to think they are on glory road when it is quite the contrary.  I personally do not think high school is difficult, nor scary, or even thrilling, although one must be cautious in decisions and try to make the most of one’s time.

I think that most people have at least a mild case of the butterflies before starting their “high school career,” as did I.  I guess the word career would be an accurate description of high school because it starts slow, and as you become adept at the tedious school life it gets a bit harder. The work teaches you responsibility and how to juggle many different activities.  

Managing time and activities

Freshman year I played football and baseball and took pre-AP classes. After that I quit football, continued with baseball, took as many pre-AP classes as possible and took AP World History.  It did not eat up all my spare time -- but just about.  

This year I am trying to fit in more things such as Key club. I am the president of Birdville High School’s Key Club, a community service club that works with the Kiwanis club, and I also am in the National Honor Society, which requires community service hours. None of high school is difficult unless you make it that way. Think positive, keep a good mindset, and do not fear.

Some people think high school is a scary place; well, it should not be, and most times it is not. The silly thing is to fear something that does not exist.  Live your life step by step; plan, of course, but do not focus on the possibility that things could go wrong. My baseball coach has a sign in his room that says, “How can you hit the ball if you are thinking of all the ways you can miss?” That quote really spoke to me.  I have not had to fear anything except whether or not I passed a test.  

High school is what you make of it

Failure is a part of life, though, and you just have to get back up on your horse and show the world you have the will power to achieve your dreams. Baseball obviously helps teach that. Where in the world can you succeed 30% of the time and be considered a star except on the baseball field?  Baseball is not my strong suit, but it is entertaining and it teaches teamwork. Find a sport in high school and stick with it.

High school may sound thrilling or rapturous, but for some it is just a drag. I have been pretty pleased how it has treated me. Sure, there have been setbacks and mishaps, but I can only do what is in my power. I believe that if you put your heart into getting the most out of high school you will reap the rewards.  High school is not always fun, and I will not tell you it is great, but it is a part of the great American life that sets us apart from the rest of the world.

Basically, I just want to advise all students who will engage in the fight of high school to stay strong and do your best.  High school is the foundation of your adult life.  Do not set yourself up for failure.


Aaron Blume

Aaron Blume

Birdville High School,
North Richland Hills, Texas
Hometown: Hurst, Texas