High School Diary

College: Weighing Academic Rigor, Cost And Job Placement

As I think about life after high school and the decisions ahead, the most important thing to me is the rigor of the programs at the college I choose. I want to push myself hard in college, because I didn’t do that early in high school and I regret it. So now that I get another chance, I want to make myself proud and become the student and grad school applicant I want to be.

“I’m Almost Grown” - And Excited About It

After junior year, I figured, “If I got through the ACT, SAT, and all my AP exams, I can get through anything senior year throws at me -- piece of cake!” Truth is, I find that it’s a lot more complicated than it seems.

Consider advice and make strong connections

As a junior signing up for next year’s classes, I have a lot of questions I wish people would just answer straight out instead of giving me the whole “It’s your life and they’re your choices” spiel I’ve gotten from just about every counselor, teacher, and friend that I’ve asked for advice. But I can understand why I keep receiving that response, since we’re all going in different directions.

Don’t be afraid: Just do your best

By junior year, I have realized my time here is dwindling away. High school is a place where people can either crumble or prosper, leading some to think they are on glory road when it is quite the contrary.  I personally do not think high school is difficult, nor scary, or even thrilling, although one must be cautious in decisions and try to make the most of one’s time.

Don’t let peers make your decisions for you

As I start the transition for my senior year, I am overwhelmed with excitement and fright. A week ago, my counselor walked in with the senior preregistration paper. I looked at the paper and I was a bit frightened: I did not know what classes I was going to take. I wanted to push for AP but I did not want to be overwhelmed.